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October 9, 2006, Iloilo City, Philippines
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City beefs up police visibility following series of robberies

Iloilo City cops are intensifying police visibility in the city's business center following subsequent robberies in the nearby provinces of Guimaras and Aklan.

Petron oil spill expense reaches over P43M

Continued clean-up efforts brought by the oil spill in the Province of Guimaras has now reached over P43 million, about half of the huge expense spent on dispersants and similar supplies alone. With evacuees holed up in tents and makeshift houses, Petron, the Philippine's largest oil refiner has yet to fold up its clean up operations.

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A.Chris Fernandez
Families and relatives of the casualties in the Igbaras tragedy throw flowers to the Tangyan River from the Songsongon overflow where the ill-fated passenger jeepney was carried away by the raging waters last week.

Hundreds gather, locals walk for hours to attend first mass at deadly 'bridge'

Sixty year-old Remedios Efondo began her day last Friday earlier than usual. She heard the previous night over the radio that a mass will be held by the bank of Tangyan River, the very site where 22 townmates lost their lives last week, 19 others still missing and feared dead.

It was to be the first mass ever in the area on that First Friday of this month. First time too since the "overflow bridge" was built some twenty years now.


Bigger Nat'l PRISAA up as Iloilo gears for '07 hosting

Over 5,000 student athletes and the country's renowned coaches will see action in Iloilo with the city playing host in next year's National Private Schools Athletics Association (PRISAA) sports meet.

Oily debris hauling in Iloilo towns start

Hauling of collected oil debris in the oil spill-affected towns of Ajuy and Concepcion in Iloilo province started Thursday.

At last, a bridge will rise in Songsongon

It took the biggest tragedy in Igbaras to happen for the government to realize the need to have a bridge in Songsongon, Barasan.

Proposal to siphon oil favorably endorsed to IOPC

Presidential Adviser for Western Visayas, Secretary Rafael Coscolluela said NDCC Chair, Secretary Avelino Cruz reported during the NDCC meeting that Mans Jacobsson, Executive Director of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund has favorably endorsed the proposal to the Executive Committee of the IOPC to siphon out the bunker fuel from the MT Solar 1.


Land Bank extends P613M to SMEs in Western Visayas

The Land Bank of the Philippines reported that around 251 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Western Visayas were extended financial assistance to the tune of P613 million, said Land Bank Vice President and Regional Head Ruel Z. Romarate.

Faith keeps town's GPK program alive

The interfaith communities have become a commendable partner of the local government unit in the greening, cleaning and beautification efforts.

RDC 6 OKs Antique hydropower

Antique's Villa Siga Hydropower Project in Brgy. Igsoro, Bugasong is approved. The Regional Development Council VI in its third quarter meeting last September 28,approved IDC Resolution No. 8 of its Infrastructure Development Committee endorsing for its implementation.

PhilHealth Tidbits: General rules for all surgeries and procedures

Only procedures listed in the RVS 2001 manual shall be compensated. All other procedures not listed in the RVS 2001 shall not be reimbursed unless approved by the Corporation as addendum to the scale. Surgeries and procedures done in primary hospitals shall only be compensated for simple surgical operations (RVU of 30 and below).


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Celebrating 100 Years of Golf in the Philippines
The Iloilo Golf and Country Club Inc., home of the Sta. Barbara Golf Course which is the oldest existing golf course in the Philippines, is celebrating its centenary in 2007. Click here to visit the website


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Chocolate Festival

Sinful Desires
Chocolate galore, choco-mania in Iloilo's "Chocolate Festival"

Imagine this. Extremely rich layered chocolate cake and chocolate meringue filled with thick ganache (mixture of chocolate and heavy cream) in between layers and topped with ganache icing. Imagine more. Crunchy mallow bars that ensures chocolatey-krispy-mallowy bites and chocolate croissant as "Bread of the Week."

  WV Tourism Assembly

Tourism Assembly bares WV's soul

In the much-awaited Western Visayas Tourism Assembly, Western Visayas will bare its soul. No, it will no longer be in the walled city of Intramuros. Rather, much closer to home -- in the city of Iloilo.

For seven days, it will not only unveil its treasures, but also its collective aspirations. No wonder why thousands, if not millions, of visitors have been captivated by its natural, man-made, cultural, religious, and culinary marvels.