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August 25, 2006, Iloilo City, Philippines
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Health exec allays fears of Guimaras residents over rising oil spill-related cases

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III called on the people of Guimaras, particularly those residing in barangays affected by the oil spill, to remain calm amid the continued increase in the number of oil spill-related health cases recorded by local health officials.

Help pours on oil spill stricken Guimaras

While efforts to remove the sunken oil tanker Solar I from the seabed off Nueva Valencia, Guimaras or siphon the remaining bunker fuel from its compartments are underway, various organizations--both private and public--have initiated moves at gathering resources to help the Guimaras folks who are badly hit by the oil spill disaster.

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Clean up
A.Chris Fernandez
A villager collects by hand thick bunker oil stuck along the shoreline of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Workers involved in the clean-up operation are paid by Petron Corp. P200 a day.

Official backtracks on claim that oil spill stopped

An official of Petron Corporation retracted an earlier statement released by the company saying oil leak from the sunken tanker Solar I has stopped.


More help sought for Guimaras on oil spill mess

A higher 'emergency status' is now sought on the current grim scenario of the Guimaras Oil Spill now officially tagged as "811 tragedy."

Tan plea for guardianship dismissed

The Court has now ruled on the matter of custody on the surviving children of murdered couple, Bobby Tan and wife Cindy Zayco.

Iloilo dads dissatisfied with Petron's handling of oil spill woes

Iloilo officials have now "issued" a "warning" on Petron Philippines in the wake of the oil spill devastation in the province of Guimaras and now Iloilo and Negros Occidental towns too.

Exam, interview slated for wannabe 'Girls and Boys' officials

The Rotary Club of Iloilo City has scheduled the examination and interview for high school students who want to experience the power and responsibility of elected and appointed government officials.


WV first to form reg'l body on culture, history

The Regional Development Council of Western Visayas (RDC VI) chaired by Antique Gov. Salvacion Z. Perez made another first as it launched the Western Visayas Historical and Cultural Council (WVHCC), last August 18 at the Educational Media Center of the Central Philippine University in Jaro, Iloilo City. This launching was done barely a month after RDC VI also pioneered the first ever search in the country for best public sector projects in the region.

Cutflower growers hold general assembly

In preparation of the forthcoming 10th Philippine Floriculture Congress on November 14-16, 2006 in Iloilo, the Federation of Iloilo Horticulture Associations, Inc. (FIHA) hold its general assembly on August 18, 2006 in Leganes, Iloilo.

Guimaras sets up website to seek help

The provincial government of Guimaras has set up a website to seek international help over an oil spill now wrecking havoc on its seas.


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Celebrating 100 Years of Golf in the Philippines
The Iloilo Golf and Country Club Inc., home of the Sta. Barbara Golf Course which is the oldest existing golf course in the Philippines, is celebrating its centenary in 2007. Click here to visit the website


Iloilo Yearbook 2005 Get your copy of the Iloilo Yearbook now. You can buy directly at the TNT office or email us at marketing@the newstoday.info

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About the yearbook




Res Gestae

What's in the uniform?

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The Ultimate Seven: Fundamental principles of a God-centered life 4


There is an issue on what to name the new airport in Cabatuan... what do you suggest? Why?


Trees: Answer to pollution

Trees: Answer to pollution

We may not have realized it but trees are very useful. In summer time, trees provide shade for people and a home for nature's creatures. During typhoons, trees serve as shields from strong winds. In urban areas, trees save our lungs by absorbing carbon dioxide cause by pollution. For all season, trees are important.

  New Blue Jay Coffee

New Blue Jay Coffee branch opens!

A coffee shop with a deli shop! Something very new indeed! This favorite place in town bills itself as having a fusion of food and beverage items. And that includes the place too, it's like you'd forget you're in Iloilo! Fun place to take the young and old, even lola and lolo... why?