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Antique to honor prominent sons and daughters

Bugal Kang Antique next to the Biray kang Barangay , is a highlight in the yearly Binirayan Festival of the province of Antique. This honors Antiqueños who have shown true Antiqueño character: strength, dedication to work/duty, and the will to excel despite the odds. The awarding is slated on April 29, 7:30 pm at the EBJ Freedom Park.

This recognition to Antiqueños who have marked their names in various fields of endeavors started during the time of the late Gov. Evelio B. Javier. The search was designed to explore the inherent qualities in productivity, potentials and ingenuity of the Antique ños. It also recognizes the attributes of Antiqueños who exemplify outstanding qualities and ideals the province can be proud of. The event aims to honor the people who have sown seeds of love, justice, peace and freedom worthy for the community to emulate.

The award recognizes outstanding Antiqueños in five categories: 1) government service, 2) community leadership, 3) entrepreneurship and technology, 4) journalism, literature, creative communications, sports and the arts and 5) public service. On rare occasions, however, exceptional achievement of a lifetime encompassing even beyond the scope of these categories and which has impact on the lives of the Antiqueños are given due recognition upon nomination. The first of such, called the Sumakwel Award was given to the late Monsignor Cornelius de Witt, a Dutch Mill Hill missionary (an adopted Antiqueño) who later became the first bishop of Antique.

This year, the committee shall award the Datu Lubay Award, to honor Antiqueño artists, and Marikudo Award to honor families of humble beginnings but have succeeded in sending their children through school.

Energy Secretary Raphael Perpetuo M. Lotilla will be awarded the Dungug Antiqueño Award in recognition of his achievement.

The Bugal kang Antique Award is open to all Antiqueños either by consanguinity or affinity, residing in or out of the province, regardless of race, creed, and sex, or to Filipinos who, by choice, decide to reside, work and live in Antique for at least five years. Nominators can be past Bugal kang Antique awardees, heads of academic and government institutions in the province, leaders in private organizations or institutions, including business organizations, and leaders of Antiqueño associations outside of the province.