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Pasundayag 2005: a showcase of Antique's best

Antique's Binirayan festival will never be complete without the “Pasundayag”. This is one of the original and major activities of the celebration. To be opened on April 27 until May 1, 2005, the event will showcase the finest products of the province – products that best describe Antiqueño creativity.

The famous Patadyong of Antique, Piña cloth and bags made of buri and bariw, processed foodstuff, raw agricultural goods, raw and processed marine products are among the showcase of the Pasundayag.

Local industry with bright prospects in the province includes: muscovado sugar industry, seaweed processing, marble processing, gemstone and semi-precious stone processing, coco oil mill, livestock and poultry processing, food processing, marine product processing, furniture, handicraft, metal craft, fiber extraction/processing/weaving and high value crop production.

“Pasundayag”, which means “to show off” or “present” aims to promote the province's products, invigorate the market for them and attract investors, and to draw attention to Antique's tourism destinations. This is in line with Gov. Salvacion Z. Perez' Antique First Policy and thrust of bringing the province to the limelight through its tourism potentials.

The fair offers not only exhibits but demonstration and lectures to promote entrepreneurship and house agri-business.

The Pasundayag is open to local government units, non-government organizations, small

entrepreneurs, home industry operators, organizations, academic institutions, restaurants, hotels/pension houses and resort operators. The Binirayan Foundation, Inc. the festival's event coordinator likewise encourages entrepreneurs and other business establishments to participate in the Pasundayag Festival.