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Binirayan: Festival for the Antiqueños

Colorful sails of “bancas” will once again decorate the seas of San Jose to Malandog, Hamtic for the re-enactment of the landing of the Bornean Datus as the highlight of the forthcoming Binirayan Festival in the province of Antique .

Binirayan is Antique's annualfestival. Literally means, “where they landed”, recalls the story of the ten Bornean datus led by Datu Puti and Datu Sumakwel who fled from the oppressive rule of Sultan Makatunaw and their subsequent settlement in Panay in the early 15 th century. This episode in the history of our race is re-enacted through a pageant on the beaches of Malandog, Hamtic.

Celebrated annually, the festival progressed from a raucous revelry to a meaningful, albeit scripted street theater highlighted by several features: Biray , a fluvial parade, Bugal kang Antique Awards, Lin-ay kang Antique , Pasundayag , etc. Binirayan showcases local finery, a festival to see and be part of. The celebration aims to boost tourism and attracts visitors to Antique

The idea of celebrating Binirayan was pioneered by then Governor Evelio B. Javier. Under his leadership, the Antiqueños felt the need to get together to celebrate their history as a people. The festival has paved the way for the Antiqueños scattered in the different part of the country and the world to journey back to their past and trace their noble roots.

This month of April, the people of Antique will once again celebrate the Binirayan Festival with the theme “ Kultura kang katiringban: Pagpalayag sa kaaraydan kang Antique . The blueprint for the event is now in place. Binirayan Foundation, Inc (BFI), headed by its Executive Director Alex C. Delos Santos, is the official event organizer.