June 30, 2008 :: Iloilo City, Philippines
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Typhoon Frank Photos
Typhoon Frank:
The Aftermath

A photo gallery of the devastation that Typhoon Frank brought.

99 families demand damages from gov't, refuse to go back to 'river village'

Ninety-nine families in Cabatuan, Iloilo want the government to pay for the damages brought by Typhoon Frank to their community. Damage for the lots awarded to them, housing units built and every piece of furniture and household appliances bought by each family.

Hotels, other businesses make windfall in the aftermath of flood

Hotels and other businesses are making a windfall in the aftermath of the massive flooding that hit this city last week.

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What appears of the government relocation site in Brgy. Banguit, Cabatuan

What appears of the government relocation site in Brgy. Banguit, Cabatuan after the flood. On the background is the multipurpose hall half of it already covered with soil.

Water treatment plant used to address water shortage

A water treatment plant from Manila Water Company is currently being used to address the shortage of water from Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD).

Three more water treatment plants are expected to arrive this week – two coming from the Spanish Embassy and one from the National Power Corporation.


City hires workers for massive clean-up

The city government hired 250 workers to start cleaning up the streets of the debris and mud left by the floodwaters brought by typhoon Frank. The casual employees will augment the current the working force coming from the different task forces.

Garin scores Army, AFP hierarchy over relief distribution fiasco

Iloilo First District Representative Janette Loreto-Garin wants answers as to who made the shots and called off the planned aerial relief distribution set for over 1,000 typhoon victims in her district.

Marquez on failed AFP relief mission: 'We are so sorry'

Bad weather was the reason for Saturday's foul-up of a planned aerial relief mission in Southern Iloilo. Bad foggy weather conditions, that is, and not a standing order for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) here to prioritize "Very Important Persons (VIPs)."

Communist rebels declare unilateral ceasefire

Communist rebels on Panay Island have declared a unilateral ceasefire to focus on relief and rehabilitation efforts on areas ravaged by flooding brought last week by typhoon Frank.


Asian Spirit resumes flight to San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

SAN JOSE, Antique -- Local officials here welcomed the come back flight of Asian Spirit under the new management of Amb. Alfredo M. Yao, President and CEO.

NDCC orders beefing up of transport of relief goods

With food, water and electricity still lacking or absent in many flood-stricken areas, Defense Secretary and National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Chair Gilbert Teodoro

'Child laborers' finish education

Some 815 children who were once considered as child laborers in the city and the town of Estancia, Iloilo recently finished their education through the ABK Initiative, a special project for combating child labor problem in the country.


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Laurence Ligier

Laurence Ligier: The substance of a woman

Volunteerism is a noble endeavor that is founded on public service. It is surprising how some people can help others without expecting anything in return, more so if the person in question is of no relation or a foreigner in the land where he or she does the charity work.

Turnover Ceremony

The Iloilo City (Host) Lions Club: Turnover Ceremony

The Iloilo City (Host) Lions Club District 301-B held its formal Turnover Ceremony at the Golden Salakot of Hotel del Rio last June 18, 2008.

---------------------------------------- A night of good food at HRM Skills

A night of good food at HRM Skills

At the heart of Jereos Street, La Paz stands HRM Skills, a school that nurtures future chefs. Some students graduated recently and they held a dinner and program wherein Purr was lucky to be a part of.


The Works Unlimited

The Works Unlimited

Transform your special occasion into something magical

"A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and we all want it to be perfect. We all think of it as a beautiful and joyous occasion to celebrate but we never thought of how stressful and intricate it can be," said Lorraine.


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