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May 8, 2007, Iloilo City, Philippines
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Gov't troops arrest 7 RPA-ABB men

Government troops have arrested and disarmed members of a former rebel group suspected of supporting candidates in Laua-an town in Antique.

Deduction on traffic aides' salaries lawful

The head of the traffic aides or auxiliaries in Iloilo City has justified the forthcoming imposition of a withholding tax on the salaries of traffic aides.

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Dried up farm
A. Chris Fernandez
A farmer pulls his carabao passing through a dried up farm. Cloud seeding operations for Iloilo has started this week in an attempt to water dried up farms and enhance existing water supply.

All systems go for the May 14 polls

MANILA -- One week before the May 14 mid-term elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and accredited poll watching bodies on Monday said that it is all systems go for the conduct of clean and honest elections.


Tribu Ilonganon, Sinulog performers figure in brawl

It seems that the fight between Iloilo's Tribu Ilonganon and Sinulog of Cebu did not end after the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila. Members of the groups reportedly figured in a brawl in Santiago City, Isabela.

DepEd tells teachers: Serving during elections is a sacred duty

The Department of Education (DepEd) tells teachers who will serve as Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) that it is their sacred and patriotic duty to perform their roles efficiently in the May 14 elections.

PGMA to grace Team Unity rally in Iloilo City

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is expected to arrive in Iloilo City to grace the rally of Team Unity's senatorial bets and the meeting de avance of the administration's local candidates on Thursday.

5 days to 'judgment day'

The fate of five comebacking Ilonggo congressmen and sure entry of at least one neophyte hangs on the hands of 226,215 registered voters in Iloilo City and 941,380 in the province.

Candidates going on solo campaign

With five days more to campaign, each candidate is rushing to sell themselves to the electorates leaving some of their companions in their ticket. Number of candidates noticed how some of their ticket mates went on a solo flight to campaign.


Be a Red Cross member and celebrate Red Cross Red Crescent Day

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement represent the world's largest humanitarian network, whose mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found.

AFP, PNP checkpoints this election period lawful

Two types of checkpoints may be lawfully established this election period. These are: (1) checkpoint set up by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in line with its Internal Security Operations (ISO) and (2) checkpoint established by combined elements of the AFP, PNP and Commission on Elections (Comelec) to achieve unity of efforts and mutual security.

P1B Boracay investment to showcase Filipino culture

Boracay Island -- A P1 billion new investment is set to rise in this resort island by the Titay's Foundation which is aimed to showcase the ingenuity of the Filipino culture and values.


Anything Under the Sun
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Young Voice:
Chinese Garter

/ Maria Reylan M. Garcia

Two mothers

/ Kathy M. Villalon

Rational Insanity:
Horror time

/ Bryan Mari Argos

Love 'em taxi drivers

/ Yehlen J. Camarista

Res Gestae:
Non-observance of common poster areas, an apparent proof of insincerity

/ By Francisco B. Lindero, Jr.

Gengos builds new politics, Lagdameo seeks God's blessings

/ Alain Russ Dimzon

E-mails and Habits

/ Engr. Herman Lagon

Unusual Channel:
More than amazing

/ Ma. Renette B. Uy

Eye Opener:
First Three Graduate Nurses of the Philippines

/ Rodolfo P. Gumabong


Young Voters

'My preferred leaders for Iloilo City'

The May 14 election is fast approaching. Candidates are now very busy for their campaign. This time, people want a big improvement to the government. In this process, the youth must have an active participation. We want change and we want to make sure the persons whom we are going to vote deserve the position.


Girls just wanna have fun too!
Get into aggressive dancing

Hip hop dancing used to be dominated by males when its original genre, the breakdance, started in the early 1970s. Twenty years later, hip hop music evolved and so with dancing styles that are a mixture of funk and other ground moves like krumping, harlem shake, snap dance, clown walk, grinding and gangster walking.


Aisha's birthday bash

Aisha Peñalosa, daughter of Butz and designer Jaki Peñalosa, celebrated her April 6 birthday last April 15th at their family residence.



Liberty's abode

Ten years ago, Liberty Valderrama's house in Granja, La Paz had no paint outside and it had no garden. Now, a long and wide pebbled pathway greets the guests as they enter the compound. Alongside are gardens, Bermuda grass and trees that provide shade to whoever walks the pathway.


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