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September 6, 2006, Iloilo City, Philippines
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'It's a miracle that he came home alive,' counsel of kidnap victim says

His ordeal may already be over after five days of captivity yet for the family of kidnapped victim William Lim, the worst is yet to be over and the trauma lingers. It was also a miracle to see him alive with what the family through counsel insists, was a no-ransom liberty.

Fish caught around Guimaras still safe to eat

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources conducted an examination of fishes caught around Guimaras and found that they are still fit for consumption.

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Sto. Lusaran, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
Florence Hibionada photos
Sto. Lusaran in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras is a virtual ghost village after residents were forced to evacuate due to toxic fumes coming from spilled bunker oil. Below, the village's basketball court, once the center of action where locals mill around and pass time away, now appears barren.

DTI exec warns Ilonggo businessmen vs bogus awards, marketing scams

Want to be the "Best Employer?" You could, for a price. Want your business to be the "Most Outstanding Workplace?" Again, it could, for a price. And it is not really that much with the amount ranging from P5,000 to P12,000. But wait, there's a catch. Maybe it is best to know who is giving the award. And how the award will be distributed.


Evacuees no-show in relocation sites, refuge sought outside 'danger zone'

Laborers hired under Petron's Cash for Work program continue to do clean-up work even in areas now declared as "danger zones." And there are no evacuees in relocation sites as all directly-hit families chose to seek refuge within their community, sharing temporary shelter outside the prohibited section of the village.

Petron denies using chemical dispersant in oil spill clean up

Petron Philippines Inc. denied reports that they used chemical dispersants along the shoreline of Nueva Valencia to clean it of oil slick.

Politics mar giving of relief assistance Guimaras folk

Affected residents in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras are now starting to complain on how and who should avail of the food relief assistance and cash-for-work coming from the Petron Philippines Inc. and the government.

Epilepsy friendly establishments in Iloilo City

Posters that read: "This is an epilepsy friendly establishment" are seen hanging in front of Iloilo's major establishments.


Nationwide tree-planting exceeds target--DENR

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said that the nationwide tree-planting activity held last August 25 was "a resounding success."

Calendar of activities for 2007 elections out

The calendar of activities for the 2007 national and local elections was recently released by the Commission on Elections, even before the battle for Charter change has yet to begin in the Supreme Court.

Common discrepancies in documents submitted

Requiring the submission of additional documents to support a claim sometimes annoy PhilHealth members. The document evaluators and reviewers, however, cannot do otherwise but return for compliance or just deny the application, simply because of non-compliance or inconsistency of documents, for they cannot just effect changes, correction or alter the documents.


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Celebrating 100 Years of Golf in the Philippines
The Iloilo Golf and Country Club Inc., home of the Sta. Barbara Golf Course which is the oldest existing golf course in the Philippines, is celebrating its centenary in 2007. Click here to visit the website


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Non multa, sed multum

Res Gestae


Rational Insanity

Gratitude in place


The Ultimate Seven: Fundamental principles of a God-centered life 5


Tinuom Festival

Tinuom Festival of Cabatuan

Much of the plantation wealth in the towns of Iloilo Province was used to adorn its areas with imposing structures, ornate squares, and above all, churches. Today, Iloilo is highly urbanized, but significant chunks of it are still recognizably colonial. Taken as a whole, it doesn't have the unsullied calm of, say, Cebu or Bohol but many of its individual colonial structures are magnificent, one of the finest anywhere in the Philippines.

  Hard Candy

Weaving hard laughters from USA Stage 1 Company's 'Weaving hard laughters from USA Stage 1 Company's 'Hard Candy'

Like water poured in a pail, unequal talents unabashedly filled the stage of the University of San Agustin's Auditorium as actors in their old peculiar dignity unveiled the drama, wit, acerbic sense of comical ludicrousness attuned in Stage 1 Company's authentic and improvised play, Hard Candy.