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'Tis the season for graduations and out there in the real world thousands of young graduates are expected to seek for employment and fulfill their dreams. Unfortunately, with not enough jobs to cater to fresh graduates a considerable number of them will surely add to the country's unemployment rate.
A.Chris Fernandez    

BFAR, TF Snapper fish examinations have conflicting results

Jose Gil Parreñas of the City Agriculture Office has a lot of explaining to do these days.

BFAR stands firm on fish examination result

Iloilo City -- The regional office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is standing firm on the results of the fish examination report conducted by their fish examiners.

‘We will investigate,’ Estante declares on ‘hot fishes’ controversy

Iloilo City -- An investigation will be conducted on the controversies surrounding the operations of Task Force Snapper.


Mabilog proposes bicycle lane in Iloilo City

After the night market, Councilor Jed Patrick Mabilog has came up with another ambitious proposal for the city as he wants to pass an ordinance providing a bicycle lane in certain roads in Iloilo City.

Iloilo leaders push cha-cha

Iloilo's local executives placed themselves at the forefront of the campaign for an immediate change in the Philippine system of government with the issuance here yesterday of a declaration calling for charter change.

Keep graduation simple – DepEd

In keeping with t he austerity measures espoused by government, the Department of Education has again reiterated to the different schools to keep graduation rites simple with no unnecessary expenses.

Government, church and media to tackle issues on good governance

Four lead speakers will talk about good governance in the public sector on Friday, April 7, from 9 am to 5 pm at the Iloilo Grand Hotel in Iznart Street.

POEA: Another attractive opportunity for Ilonggo nurses

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration 6 (POEA 6) Director Rhea Glynda Calantas bared yesterday that another attractive job opportunity is open for Ilonggo nurses on April 7, 2006.


Panay Bukidnon renders tradition performances

Calinog, Iloilo - The Bukidnon communities of Central Panay will converge at Barangay Garangan, Calinog, Iloilo for the last phase of the Bina nog Dance and Oral Tradition performances on March 27-29, 2006.

DA urges farmers to use hybrid seeds

The Department of Agriculture 6 strongly encourages farmers in the region to use hybrid rice to increase rice productivity.


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About the yearbook


Good luck, graduates! (Part 2)

By Joanne Marie Combong-Pijuan

Without the Whitecoat
Returning back to work... who makes the decisions

By Florentino P. Alerta II, M.D.

Bridging the gap
Businesses and personalities in Iznart Street, 1930s

By Prof. Henry Funtecha

Anything Under the Sun
St. Joseph--patron of good death

By Atty. Rex S. Salvilla

Stand by your man

By Nelson Robles

Consumers Domain
The rule of law according to GMA and the PNP

By Ian Seruelo

Unusual Channel
Allow good things into your life

By Ma. Renette B. Uy

The world's largest "ukay-ukay"


Res Gestae
Not a statement of fact, but a statement of possibility

By Francisco B. Lindero Jr.

on the dot
Knowing the tourist product

By Atty. Helen Camarista


eye opener
Put the City Library in conspicuous place


Letter to the Editor
Please consider publishing the following brief letter:

By Robert Sharpe, MPA

The Fullness of Life
Self-denial (part II)

By Fr. Florentino S. Lim, CIHM

Rational Insanity
Ignorance can get you pubic lice

By Bryan Mari Argos


Kenneth Flores
Exceptional Kenneth
In our darkest hours, we often find ourselves helpless. We often encounter problems with a terror teacher in school or with an inconsiderate boss at work. They say that problems concerning personal matters like a heartbreak or losing someone is the hardest of all. But what if one day you woke up realizing you've lost a part of you, not metaphorically but literally. Like losing a limb for example. You can't probably imagine how it feels like. How about losing both arms?


Kipot falls
The twin falls of Kipot
Negros Occidental was indeed bestowed with numerous natural wonders. Each of its component has a charm of its own. In Bago City alone, there are approximately 23 tourist destinations and three major festivals. Points of interest range from archaic historical houses, rich fauna and tundra, and panoramic man-made resorts.