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Blood donation awareness high among Ilonggos

The notable increase of awareness on the importance of saving another life through blood donation among Ilonggos is assuring, said Dr. Bemerly Jardiolin-Sira, Pathologist of the Western Visayas Medical Center .

In an interview with the Philippine Information Agency, Dr. Sira said that the Ilonggos' attitude towards blood donation is no longer as negative as before, and our gauge is the good number of donors and the increase in the blood-letting activities we have conducted in the various parts of the province .

She said that it is through voluntary blood donation that the patient in need is assured of the safest blood transfusion Donors who voluntarily give blood are the foundation of safe blood supply because they are least likely to transmit potentially life-threatening infections such as HIV and hepatitis virus .

The blood which the heart pumps around the  human body through blood vessels, does many things to keep us alive and healthy. It carries the necessities of life like oxygen, water and food to all the cells of  the body, Dr. Sira said during the PIA interview .

Dr. Sira said that in the year 2004, as far as the WVMC only is concerned, “we have transfused some 8,241 units of blood to patients, both for surgical and medical cases.”

It is really necessary, Dr. Sira said to increase the level of awareness of the people regarding voluntary blood donation and encourage more people to become regular donors .   With this concern in mind, Dr. Sira  along with other government and private sectors sustain the conduct of advocacy at all levels of society in the province .

She also said that they  maintain a list of donors,  every time a  blood-letting activity is conducted in Iloilo province .

She likewise shared the joy of regular blood donors who voluntarily donate blood without any reward, except the knowledge that they have helped save another life . “ The joy of donating blood to save another life can not be paid by money,”  Dr. Sira said . (PIA/T.Villavert)