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Res Gestae

TSKI foolicy

The title is so coined to denote an “idiotic” understanding of what a policy should really mean. While ordinarily, we understand policy as a guiding principle, a procedure or strategy; others may have misinterpreted -- for lack of prudence and training -- the reason for having certain policy in effect in their offices or any institution for that matter.

This has connection with the telephone conversation I had with the manager of Taytay Sa Kauswagan, Inc – Leon Branch on August 4, Thursday, at about 9:30 o'clock in the evening. Well, I don't intend to attack the level of intelligence and trainings of this manager. I give her the benefit of the doubt that she earned her position with consideration to her educational qualification and work experiences. After all, TSKI won't compromise the integrity of its being a Christian organization for putting unqualified employee in any vital position in its offices. But, should there be illegal practices unknown to the top administration of the said organization, let this piece be a reminder or a simple call for a re-awakening; if, moving them to act immediately can hardly be considered.

My sister is a Project Assistant of TSKI – Leon Branch. Her area assignment includes the far-flung barangays of Tigbauan, Iloilo. After a couple of years of diligence, sacrifice and passion in carrying out the mission of TSKI, the administration found her worth to be a regular employee. Thank you also to a good man with a big heart in that Organization that has given my sister all the opportunities and leeway to prove her conviction. (We are forever be grateful to him!)

In that evening of August 4, I dialed my sister's mobile number to know how she was doing. Maybe, my brotherly instinct felt my sister needed some help. Asking of her whereabouts, my sister hesitantly told me that she was still at Brgy Buyuan in Tigbauan, - collecting payments from TSKI clients. She was alone. I was alarmed. And, I believed, anybody in his right mind will feel the same. Take note, it was past 9:00 o'clock in the evening. What kind of urgency that needed her to knock on clients' doors and collect payments? Would there be no tomorrow to do that? I wondered. And, my sister told me thru SMS that she was directed by her manager to collect advance payments of their clients in view of the conduct of Retreat the next day (Friday). I called their office to ask clarification to her manager. Unfortunately, I was enraged instead of having clarified.

Who would not be? Upon asking the manager the “why's” that my sister was still collecting payments that late in the evening; that my sister was alone; that she (manager) did not mind to send a male employee to accompany my sister; and, that the collecting could not be postponed the following day, the only response she gave me was “IT IS OUR POLICY”! Had she thought before telling me their so-called POLICY! Foolishness!

With six (6) hold-up incidents victimizing TSKI employees in a span of one semester (averaging 1 hold-up incident a month), that manager must understand (if she is capable of) that my sister was in danger. Now, tell me that should I shout her over the phone that evening was unreasonable. Any brother who has not even earned a unit in management course or attended a single training on Management Skills Enhancement would react the same way I did. But, hey, you should know whom you are talking with!

Now, I pose this challenge to that manager, furnish me copy of that POLICY. Only then that I will accept that risking my sister's safety was not meant for your personal interest – to keep you on your pedestal!


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